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I rarely have anything nice to say about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. I usually refer to him as Jabba the Christie or some other knock, but over the past few days I have found myself referring to the New Jersey Governor as something else; a leader.

Chris Christie did something that wasn’t politically correct in these times, and wasn’t political at all; his job. Disaster relief and coming together in times of need should never be politically charged. However, when you have an election days away and a heartless reactionary base. From Rush Limbaugh saying the Governor is “Fat and a Fool”, to the Drudge Report claiming Governor Christie was campaigning with the President, to one of my favorite tea bagger tweets of the entire campaign season

“@RedScareBot: Good Bye Lenin! RT @bearwol51 OK New Jersey time to impeach your communist turncoat governer”

I am just left in disgust. What did Chris Christie do that was so horrible. Was he supposed to leave the people of the State of New Jersey to their own devices. Let the private charities come in and push the responsibility of our public institutions out of the way?.

I just don’t understand. Maybe it’s the strain of radicalism that made Mitt Romney say FEMA funding was immoral during the primaries, maybe it’s just a bunch of callousness that comes from the darkest depths of the human soul. Whatever it is, I don’t like it and I am fairly sure I’m not in the minority in that.

My praise of Chris Christie has nothing to do with the man’s politics, for this is not a political matter. I still completely disagree with the Governor on many issues, however one thing the Governor and I both believe is the responsibility of a leader. Being a leader is not supposed to be convenient. A lesson that Chris Christie is probably very proud to be learning.