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Patriot Majority PAC new AD tying Mitt Romney to the Bain outsourcing of #Sensata Manufacturing jobs to China. Mitt Romney owns 8 million in #Sensata shares but of course it’s only in a blind trust, so he can only profit from the outsourcing and most likely believe he is morally removed from the actions going on in Freeport, Ill.

These American workers are not losing their jobs because profits are down. They are losing their jobs because Mitt Romney’s 8 million dollars in #sensata shares and Bain Capital can make a greater profit sending the jobs to China. What does an American Middle Class Family mean in the scheme of things when the #Romney profit line can be a few more thousand.

In Q3 of 2012 Sensata listed 470 million in profit and they are projecting 450 million in Q4…Guess nearly a billion in 2 quarters can’t compete with what they would make paying a dollar an hour outsides Shanghai, instead of 17 an hour in Illinois.

When will the greed be enough?