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Today’s Email from Workers Voice has me smiling. While I know there is lots of #GOTV left to do, and we all #GottaVote this is an early peek at what the hard work and dedication that organizers and all those working tirelessly in the field are achieving.

There’s been a lot of attention paid to the national polls, but the wide margins we’re running up among those who have already voted is one of the under-reported stories so far.

– PPP Ohio Poll: 21% of voters have already voted with a 66% – 34% Obama lead

– Wall Street Journal Iowa Poll: 18% of TOTAL votes cast in 2008, Obama leads 67% to 32%

– Nevada: Democrats racked up an 11,000 vote lead in the first day of early voting Saturday

And early voting begins today in Wisconsin, another must-win state that we have a large field presence in.
(Workers Voice Email 10/22/12)

Keep the pressure up. Get out there and do the one thing that bothers those Tea Partyiers the most; VOTE.