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One of the best pieces I have seen written on the few, the greedy, the American CEO was in Keystone Politics this afternoon. You have no rights at work by Jake Blumgart helps expose the unchecked power employers have in regards to political intimidation.

These entitlement CEO’s believe freedom can only be secured by coercion of their workforce. These titans of hypocrisy believe little in the rights of everyday Americans, they believe in the market and what they can get out of you. Articles like Jakes shine a light on this dark shadow on freedom. Through astroturfed organizations like the National Federation of Independent Business, whose independence is controlled by an invisible elite hand, the Koch induced cohort of greed is going all in for their Outsourcer in Chief.

Intimidating workers by threatening that an Obama victory will force their workers to lose their jobs. Not because profits will be down, but because they might have to pay more for the society they are trying to exploit. These men care little about freedom. The freedom they seek is the freedom not to care about anything but their own personal greed. And Mitt Romney, the champion of ignoring the 47% at the expense of these fees thinks Employee Political Intimidation is good for business….Mitt Romney tells business owners that they should intimidate workers into voting for the GOP

Could you imagine the Fox News, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck response if President Obama was caught on tape telling the AFL-CIO, AFSCME or SEIU workers to vote Democrat or they won’t represent them. UnAmerican would be the nicest thing they would say about the President.